Curee Schoolhouse Ramblings of the 2019-2020 School Year to 2020-2021 School Year
Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

From one year to the next. As much as time is long, it is also swift and over before we know it. It wasn’t too long ago I shared their first day photos for the 2019-2020 school year in my Curee Schoolhouse post and here we are ready for new shots for the 2020-2021 school year. Like what!? Time has a tricky way of being both fast and slow.

Our school year was great by the way. My kiddos LOVED geography, in fact it was their favorite subject along with learning about the deep sea creatures. Overall they are excellent students. We all have our bad days but that’s just a part of life. Nakoda per usual excelled in art and writing. She is dedicated and diligent and impressively smart if you ask me. Judah excelled in math, spelling and reading. His way of thinking is so different than mine that I find it fascinating the way he processes and learns. I find it interesting to learn how each student has a different way of doing things. And that’s just another reason I love homeschool, to see them flourish and learn, to sit back and think that I taught them and contributed to their growth is amazing. There are various reasons why we love homeschool, but I especially love the flexibility for our life in it. We start when we want, we do what we want, how we want and in our own home, building memories and growing together. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

To cap the year in a nutshell, here is a better look. We made weekly visits to our local Raw Milk farm, Arrowcrest Jerseys Raw Milk Herd Shares, where we can see the dairy cows personally each time we go for a pick up. In the fall we visited local orchards and other outdoor field trips and adventures. They learn naturally through what they see not from a textbook on these adventurous days.

Photo Apr 29, 12 30 54 PM
Arrowcrest Jerseys Raw Milk Herd Shares, where we buy our raw milk we love.

We took many walks and hikes exploring nature. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone by going door to door passing out invites to an event at our church, Real Church, and served at several community events. We visited farms, The Cincinnati Art Museum, painted several fruits and vegetation that we studied, picked up new instruments to learn. Nakoda learned several chords on the guitar and Judah started practicing the drums. We hit up the Renaissance Festival, the Brown County Fair, the Natural Bridge and so much more. Nakoda even tried to dig a hole to China.

It was a good crazy year. We were inspired by so many missionaries we learned about and we focused on spending Jesus time daily on our own. Every day was a chance to learn, to be flexible and to learn to serve one another.

Photo Jun 05, 3 51 27 PM

They were so excited to take their end of the year Geography test to see how many continents, oceans, and countries they memorized and learned about all year. Finishing the test ended in extreme excitement to be finished for the summer.

Photo Jun 05, 3 51 36 PM

That glorious last day of school photo seals the deal. When freedom is bubbling within you at full capacity. Featured below is Nakoda and Judah, gloating proudly as they ended the 2019-2020 school year at the beginning of June. Nakoda is officially moving on from fourth to fifth grade and Judah is moving from first to second grade. They are certainly showing that Curee Schoolhouse pride. Ain’t no shame in that game.

As we all have experienced, it was an interesting end to our 2019-2020 school year and certainly the summer continued in that fashion. Here’s Nakoda poking a little fun at what the floor sticker said at Costco. She found it quite comical at the thought.

We cannot believe it is already August and the brink of September is just on the horizon. The summer has gone by in a blink of an eye. We are stretching to hold on to what is left of it.

Photo Aug 08, 1 37 21 PM

We have worked hard to make the best of this strange summer and truthfully we have missed going to some of our favorite splash parks, libraries, art museums, church camp (especially) and the usual summer adventures. It’s made the summer feel a bit jaded from all it had to offer us, but we are still grateful. Grateful for Jesus, the peacekeeper always, for love and extra family time together during this season in the world. We are thankful for God’s Word to guide us, bring us strength and challenge us even more to be in constant prayer and communication with the King for our world.

I would be lying to say we are ready for school. To be honest we feel like we could take a few more months off before we dive in again, but nevertheless we will push on. For us, it’s a plan to begin school at the beginning of September. We’ll have three official students this year with Naomi starting Kindergarten. It will certainly make our year more interesting and maybe a bit of a challenge with little Harvest losing her best friend and playmate to some school time but we’ll work to adjust and make the best of it. Having three students will now challenge me more than ever and my attention will be needed even more so. To throw a twist in it all sweet Harvest broke her leg on August 7, so we are looking at a 6-8 week healing time. Much prayers for this sweet little babe. Cast is scheduled for this week and she is making her request for a pink cast with glitter. Stay tuned for that and continued prayers as our school room grows, my teacher demands and mother arms.

As always we will work to keep prayer as a major importance in our life and schooling. We have much to pray for this year. From our class to yours, we will be praying for you. For your homeschool classes, for the public and private schools, you all will be in our prayers. The world is in an interesting place and we are in desperate need of the Father.

One thing we started this summer and I look forward to continuing on this year in school, is learning to have a servant’s heart and to be a peacemaker when it comes to fighting over things that don’t matter. Things that have no value in heaven. I’m working hard to teach that people are of the most value and if we can’t get love right in our own home, we are not going to be able to love others outside our home.

Jesus served and we will too.

God we pray that you instill a love and compassion for people in our heart that only you can, help us to love as you love, help us to be peacemakers, to value what is valuable to you and to be world changers for your purposes and plans. Lord we pray for all classrooms around the world as we begin again on another year of school. We pray for peace and JOY that can only found in you and for fear to be demolished and your divine protection over our bodies. God may countless people come to know you this school year. May they find you amongst the noise and the chaos. Make us braver than before, lead us God and let us walk into what you lay before us as fearless sons and daughters of Christ. We pray for the teachers and staff, the parents, the minds of all involved, may freedom run free in our world again Father. In Jesus name we pray – AMEN!



Photo Jun 27, 7 06 10 PM


Photo Jun 25, 3 27 01 PM


Photo Jun 06, 2 20 52 PM


Photo Jun 06, 2 21 16 PM

Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

2 thoughts on “FROM ONE TO THE NEXT

  1. qkimzee says:

    Once again Beth, you have out done yourself! What a beautiful tribute to homeschool and a peek into the behind scenes of Curee household! All the photos wonderfully capture the kids personalities! Loved every bit of this! I think your writing skills are improving as well! Very effectively expressed! We are all learning still! 👏🏻🐛🦋
    “Not yet what we’re becoming!”

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