Well, hello there. I’m Bethany Curee the Freckled and Free Jesus lover and former pastor’s wife to my handsome hubby – Tom Curee. I’m a mixture of a little bit of crazy-fun-laughing-weirdo, a lot of hearts about Jesus, a momma full of babies to love and a seeker of pursuing to enjoy this ever changing life. And – the way I just wrote that made complete sense to my brain and I know there are some of you out there who totally got my explanation perfectly, therefore I sometimes forgo some of the typical English rules for writing because who needs all the rules when you can input your own style?

Photo Oct 07, 4 26 39 PMTo know me is to know I’m a bit of a “love” head. It’s one of my favorite things about life. True love, the way God designed it….isn’t it beautiful? It’s certainly something to be admired. And seriously though, being a wifey to Tom, my BFF forever is the BEST. I still crush on him. He lights up my world and brings me such joy and strength and makes me feel the prettiest.

My favorite thing is to watch him do his “manly” work. Like…seriously…how cute is he when he works!? God knew exactly what I would like. I’ve always said marriage is my favorite, and it truly is.

Photo Sep 17, 3 20 39 PM

We are High School sweethearts and you’re not going to believe it but we were actually voted “cutest couple.” Props to our fellow classmates on that vote. We were married at the age of 18 & 19 right after High School in July of 2005 and started this journey as one together. Tom + Jesus + Me. Ever growing and becoming aligned with the desires of our maker. For years we served as Youth Pastors and loved it, until we felt God call us to plant Real Church in our hometown in December 2017. To God be the Glory.  We served faithfully for 5.5 years as Pastors of Real Church but have recently stepped down in July, 2022 to take a much needed rest. A time to be “still” in God for a season while we wait to hear from Him and see what’s next for our future. To think as a church body we were able to give back a total of $52,260.49 to the community and missions in some form through our Boldly Generous offering in that short time is incredible (only God!!). We cannot be more grateful for our time planting, building and serving as a part of Real Church and we continue to pray that the seeds we planted continue to produce a harvest, however that looks. For now we are enjoying spending some well deserved time with our kiddos as we work to get refreshed for all God has for us in this painful, yet beautiful painting of life He is creating for us.

I’ve always been an “art” girl so it makes sense that I graduated with a Graphic Design degree. I worked professionally on the job for one of the biggest logistics companies in the nation for 10+ years and have been freelance designing since 2006. After my second child we officially made the leap of allowing me to be a stay-at-home homeschooling momma and we haven’t looked back. Best. Day. EVER.

Photo Oct 28, 2 51 38 PM
When there was only 5 of us and our farmhouse was yellow.

I am passionate about design in many ways. When it comes to Graphic Design I love successful branding. My heart however continually tugs in the world of Interior Design and often keeps me up at night dreaming about it. I love old farmhouses and especially ours which was built in 1855.

I’m gratefully God’s daughter and since my youth felt called to write, most recently starting my blogging venture. I love all things God’s way and I am an organic foodie enthusiast. I love cooking for my family but especially healthy cooking. I’m fascinated with the way God made everything and I find beauty in the creation of his fruits and vegetables. All intricate in design and especially designed for a purpose. Learning the benefits of each inspires me to cook even more nutritious food and I don’t take it lightly to lead my family in the right direction.

Photo Oct 25, 2 19 02 PM
The official Curee Clan –  Daddy (Tom), Momma (Me), Harvest, Nakoda, Judah and Naomi

I have four children who are amazingly beautiful and challenge me in many ways. They are each uniquely different.  Some days are crazy, some are joyous but as a mother I find each day with a complete need of Jesus in every moment. Survival 101 as a mother is daily communication with the King of Kings. Nakoda Taylor, Judah Michael, Naomi Ezra and Harvest Dawn are my darling joys. Not to be forgotten our cat Rusty who we rescued and our seven very cute chickens (JoJo, Pepper, Puppy, Jasper, Bernie, Mikey and Kimzee).

My favorite things are Jesus, family and friends, LAUGHING, designing, being creative, drawing, exploring, dancing, antiquing, gardening, working hard on projects and walking out this crazy beautiful life with my Curee Clan and my amazing extended family including God’s people and those who are yet waiting to meet precious Jesus.

Photo Oct 07, 4 26 30 PM
Family Time at Shaw’s Farms

I believe God wanted us to live life abundantly and enjoy it. While there may be seasons of trials and suffering may we find the good and never let go of His hand. I find no greater joy than walking in His will and desires for my life. I am not perfect by any means and daily recognize my sucky humanness. Would you follow me on this journey as I give glory to God in all things and each day grow in Him? Each day taking steps towards his purposes and plans. Perhaps we can encourage each other along the way.

Photo Oct 25, 2 19 04 PM
Warriors for Jesus

Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free