A Tightening Hold Thoughts Written During the COVID-19 Crisis About Freedom & The Revelation of the Power of Choice
Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

Let me start by putting a clause in here simply because I work to love everyone fiercely as God desires, so it is never my intention to offend or hurt anyone. We have to be open to hear each other, respect each other and love regardless of our differences. Having said that please know this is simply something God put on my heart. This is an outlet for me to share my thoughts as a fellow Christian woman and I think it’s important to see where other Christians are at on these subjects as we all work to follow Christ. I personally wrote this passionately with the perception of our freedom of choice in my opinion feeling threatened as an American. If you choose to wear a mask during this time for medical purposes or other reasons, that is your choice and I respect that, I have no judgement, (although now, most places are requiring it). I understand both viewpoints and I love you regardless at the same time, it is my desire to have a choice in the matter along with my walk in faith. This is in no way meant to condemn or guilt someone for their choices. We’re all on the same team as Christians and we have to do what we feel led to do for our families while following Christ the best we can. May we have respect for one another in our own choices and love and support each other regardless of what we choose whether be opposing or not. We are all walking this road. So please hear my heart and allow me to have a voice also. Let’s encourage one another as His truths are still the same. His Word is still the same. I love all of you and pray for this world daily. May we all put on the full armor of God and set our minds to pray for our nation, for our world, for freedom and for the lost to meet the Savior. That is our mission and it’s still the same. You will see when reading below, amidst my poetic and stirring thoughts around the chaos in the world, I hear God speak to me, and let’s be honest, at the end of the day that is all that matters. We could argue left and right over worldly things and issues, or we can get back to His Word and purposes, back to what this is all really about in the end – Him. Meeting Him. Oh, that the world would meet their Savior, sweet Jesus. The only one able to heal the world and make us whole in all the issues we face today. So please bare with me as I rend my human emotions and feelings on my sleeve and how the glorious King reels me back in with His gentle love and guidance. Thank you Lord for the lessons you are always teaching if our ears would tune in to your voice. Correct us Lord, steer us your way, make our paths straight, and guide us to do the best we can in this world we are in, for your Glory God, AMEN.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

A Tightening Hold Thoughts Written During the COVID-19 Crisis About Freedom & The Revelation of the Power of Choice
Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

Some thoughts I’ve pondered—
I suppose some of us feel trapped.
Some of us feel angry.
Some of us submissive and afraid.
Some of us threatened.
Some weary.
Some hesitant.

Overall I would think most feel suffocated by the lack of choice.
I suppose a small taste of what our ancestors felt like and sadly, what so many others face on a daily in their lives around the world.

The truth is, what we all really desire and ache for is freedom — it always has been.
This longing is centuries long.
It piles up the reasons why so many fight for it.

Why we Americans fought well for it
And grievously the loss of many lives for it.
As Americans we have for some time relished in it.
A country that prides itself in freedom in so many ways.
I pray this freedom is never taken.


True freedom is reminiscent of one’s youth.
The feeling of the breeze on your face.
The loss of the track of time.
Endless days of wanderings freely, joyfully, lost in imagination.
Lack of concern or worry.
Free to simply be free.
To create one’s path.
To embark on the adventures of life with doors swinging wide.

For me it’s sewn in with weaves of memories,
Watching the Holy Spirit flow through the church, my momma worshiping humbly, with her heart laid out before Christ. She bore her all, a prophetess with a roar.
Watching my Father worship on the drums.
Falling asleep on the pew at long night revivals surrounded by the scatter of our inquisitive drawings and quiet toys.
We were free to worship how we chose to.

Flipping through your own memories, you will see, however your story may look, at the root of it, we all desire to not be told what to choose or do, but to choose for ourselves. Or at least I would thinkwe want to be in charge of our deciding.

While the world seems to tighten their leash,
I feel smothered against the wall.
The flag still waves in the wind.

But my heart  .  .  .  S  C  R  E  A  M  S  .  .  .

Don’t mask me! Forget the caution tape!
Let ME evaluate the facts and choose.
Don’t force me. Don’t threaten.
But it’s safety they call it on the front lines.

The unmasked still love, still care for others,
and still consider their neighbor.
Our freedom lessens, our perimeters tighten.
Do we still have a voice?
Can we still crack a smile at our neighbors?
May we gather and pray?

Do — we — have — our — choice?

And I hear the Father reveal a teaching amongst my pleading thoughts —

BUT isn’t it like Jesus, my son, — we knew all along.
The power a choice would make.
The power to choose.
We knew what it would mean to you.


The path that is narrow.
It’s left or it’s right.
It’s light or it’s darkness.
It’s yes or it’s no.
It’s not complicated.

It’s simple. It’s clear.
Concise as can be.
F  r  e  e  d  o  m given freely.

He doesn’t force us.
He doesn’t beg.
He simply gives us the power to choose — what course our eternal soul will take?

It’s — our — choice.
The only choice that can’t be taken away.
He laid it at our feet.

If chosen right
the only foundation, the only solid ground.

The glamorous, glorious choice.
Is ours to be found.

The freedom of choice, what a beautiful thing—
It can only be found in our glorious King.

“Now therefore fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness. Put away the gods that your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:14-15

Freedom and choice as we know it may not always be here on this Earth, but the choice of whom you will serve can never be taken away.

Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

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