A Springtime Display For Mustard Seed Market #2
Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

If you missed my first post in this series, titled “Flourish, A Springtime Display for Mustard Seed Market & A Little History,” you can check it out here. I give all the details on how this opportunity to create these fun displays came to be, along with sharing the first display I created at the Mustard Seed Market hosted by Rustic Grains Wood Company.

That being said, on to #2. For the second springtime themed display I felt compelled to dream up the most whimsical photo op. that created all the light and airy aspects of spring—garden lights, fresh springy flowers, floral drapery and finalize it all with a little boho flare.

Now, before beginning a project, I always recommend sketching out an idea, it will be sure to help you focus and give you a roadmap that contains your theme to draw inspiration from. See here my original sketch of the concept.

And now how the actual display turned out:

Spring to me says let’s get going again. It re-motivates our souls for health and inspires us to get out in nature once more. With the use of antique bikes adorned with darling baskets and loaded down with florals, it brings anyone to the nostalgia of a bike ride through your childhood town or bike trail. It urges you to Dare to GO. To get out there and seek the thrill of adventure. The spring in your step that you needed to journey forward embarking new roads and new trails with a fearless excitement. A roadmap of things to see and goodies to be collected, wildflowers—remnants of a world well explored. Well-used bikes with stories to tell.

The base of the display getting started

The challenge with these spaces is that they are temporary installs. We are unable to mount anything to the walls of these locations due to the damage it would cause, so it challenges us to think outside the box on how to transform a hallway and basic wall without the ability to hang anything from it and still make it a safe photo op. for all of the attendees at the event. For the base of this particular set up, we used a simple grass carpet we had cut in half to fit the space and we were hooked up with the ability to use some sweet fencing as the backing, which worked perfectly as we could simply lean it up against the wall. After that we utilized a huge chalkboard we had purchased on marketplace a few years back, built a tin roof from some metal sheeting from a barn my husband (Tom) tore down—that helped to create a cute little scene. For depth and dimension along this theme we mounted Tom’s actually bike from when he was a boy and then balanced it out visually by adding a mustard colored bike to ground the right side of the display.

I felt inspired to use layers of textures for this project. Which was perfect, because I scored the most quintessential springtime floral sheet at a thrift store that worked it’s magic as the backdrop. I desired to include the jute rope which we creatively draped along the fence line along with garden lights, and created the custom placed looping of the chunky knit velvet yarn I was inspired to use from JOANN Fabrics. I felt the macrame garland and macrame plant holders were just the touch it needed to add a little trendy flare. Thankfully, Tom so patiently let me tell him exactly where to place it all (love you babe). Ahem, a little this way…and two hairs over that way…ok, back exactly where you were…(he sure does love me).

I custom created the Dare to Go graphic in Illustrator, printed it and had Tom build me a frame out of rustic wood and installed it as if it was a cute little sign above a shop in a small town. I absolutely love how it turned out, and to think for a half second I almost just ditched it out of exhaustion but I’m so happy I didn’t.

And lastly but not least, I planked the sides with live florals. Tropical trees that still whispered spring to me and added just the scale I needed to finish off the space. Additional galvanized pails, an aged wire basket and terracotta pots, filled with new life and sending out fresh spring scents through the breeze made a hit to all the senses.

My hopes with the Dare to Go display, was to inspire you to go for all your dreams—the scary, risk taking things that weigh on our hearts and stir our passions. The things that make us take a deep breath and say, “Am I really do this!?” Yes girl. Yes.

A reminder that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

Spring themed display #2 was just as fun to create. Its whimsical, freeing and inspiring space hoped to remind you of all the lovely things that can lift you and motivate you for the nicer weather.

I themed it “Dare to GO” with the intention to encourage you to do that very thing, dare to go into the new season, to do something you’ve always wanted to do, to dream big and seek after it. I pray all who got to experience it felt inspired and cheery and if you’re just getting to see it now, I pray it still does.

It was an honor to have the freedom to be creative and create another photo op for the Mustard Seed Market, created and hosted by our dear friends Rustic Grains Wood Company.  If you missed the spring market, save the date and plan to join in on the Holiday Mustard Seed Market coming December 2nd and 3rd, 2022, at the Clermont County Fairgrounds. Make sure to follow Rustic Grains Wood Company on social to keep up (@rusticgrainsco).

For the full reel of this display being created, follow me on Instagram @freckledandfree and check it out here.

Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

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