Stepping Into a Calling
Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free

My father, who loved the Lord with all his heart, often said, “a woman’s hair is her glory” and he would quote this saying often. I always thought he was just referencing his preference or the beauty that God made in a woman’s hair and how we should embrace our feminine qualities (especially in a world that is working to blur the lines). But, a few months back he had quoted this saying to me again and it brought back to my remembrance how often he said it growing up and how even for a season when we were younger, he didn’t want us to cut our hair because of this. Now, it wasn’t that my Father thought it was un-biblical for a woman to have short hair, it was more about embracing wholly the glory and adoration to be found in the way God created it to be, which I now know is scripturally sound. Most recently finding out that he was actually referencing a verse found in 1st Corinthians. I should have known all along that my dad, being the Bible loving man he was, found his inspiration from his favorite book.

“But if a woman has long hair, it is her ornament and glory? For her long hair is given to her as a covering.” 1 Corinthians 11 AMP

We know that glory dictionary wise is defined as something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration; a distinguished ornament or an object of pride.

It’s had me pondering and I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me further to know that while this is yes scripturally sound and royally honoring as a daughter of God to walk in our feminine design, if it’s the only place our glory can be found in our walk with Christ then there is much lacking. What’s more important is the beauty inside us, the depth and intentions of our hearts for the things of God.

We know that the Word says, “Charm and grace are deceptive, and (superficial) beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord (reverently worshipping, obeying, serving and trusting Him with awe-filled respect), she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 AMP 

So while as a woman my hair may be pretty (p.s. thank you Jesus!), from my heart I would rather that the “glory” I be known for would be a woman who loved the Lord with all her heart. That “my glory” wouldn’t be “my glory” at all but be directly glorified to the one who lives within me. That He, Jesus Christ, would be honored and radiate from everything I do and say. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to walk in both! I pray this for YOU as well! And I know my Father’s desire was these very things for myself and all of his daughters.

Bethany Curee-Blog Glory 2B

So what is Blog Glory? Let me get to the point of stepping into my call. From my youth, I was prophesied to multiple times that God gifted me with my hands and to write. Which makes sense since I’m a Graphic Designer and I am passionate about Interior Design as well. Those who know me know I wasn’t gifted in math or spelling or getting jokes right away… ha-ha, but, being creative is one of my favorite things next to my love for Jesus and laughing. Those are things I am good at. I am constantly using my hands and giftings for God through this avenue. Like my mother, who is an extremely talented writer, words just come easier to me through writing or journaling than they do through public speaking. Completely unlike my husband Tom, who I joke was born with a microphone in his hand and no fear.

Since those teenage years, God has put words on my heart or awoken me in the night with thoughts to write, always sharing His truths and revealing things in His Word. In these moments I feel such stirring in my heart, such passion to be shared — it truly makes me feel alive. In that moment I feel I can preach to the thousands.

Like a long list of to-dos, this blog has been one of them. I want to get His thoughts from my head down on paper (or screens) for you to read, to hear and soak up. Becoming a mother has certainly made that challenging. My darling joys — Nakoda Taylor, Judah Michael, Naomi Ezra and our little Harvest Dawn are precious to me. Finding a moment to carve out in silence can be a task – one I am finding is a necessary must to pour these words out. Freckled & Free is a seed I am planting, a step in checking off one of the to-dos in obedience to the callings God has placed in my life. Freckled & Free is my version of God dining with me, sharing the most delectable goodies and saying give everyone a taste. And of course, I would use a food reference (insert eyeroll emoji here). #foodielove

I will be sharing some of my dear stories, trials and tribulations. I will be sharing my love for all thing’s foodie, designee, Jesusee…and so much more. I will also make up a lot of my own words like I just did…but just trust me, it totally works, and you got exactly what I was saying without following the perfect English standards. Did I mention I’m a homeschool teacher too? (This is when I say I hope my kiddos are smarter than me).

I hope to pour into anyone reading this. Maybe you are already a son or daughter of Christ and for that I say – AMEN – may I encourage you. If you are not, may this blog be a source of hope and encouragement that leads you to Christ, or that leads you to nourish your body the way God designed us too, that leads you to work hard at your marriage, to cherish motherhood or fatherhood and to love your children and consider them a blessing and a joy, to do all things as unto the Lord. To have grace upon grace for yourself as we walk out this broken crazy life the best that we can because no one is perfect, and we all have “uglies” that need to go, and we all have “pretties” that we need to share.

I can personally tell you there is no greater JOY and peace to your life than being a son or daughter of God. That’s where freedom is found. May you enjoy this journey with me and when you need it, it will lift you up in your walk. My prayer for myself and you, is that as the sons and daughters of God we would be known for bringing glory to God alone. Whether you are freckled, or tan, or pale or scarred, you are beautiful and you were born to bring glory to God above. Let’s encourage one another and lift each other up. This Blog’s Glory is for God. Blog Glory.

Spend some time today praying about what has God called you to? How can you begin now to start walking into your calling with whatever resources you have now? Trust me, if God can turn a few loafs of bread and fish into feeding the thousands he can certainly bless where you’re at, where you start and what you have to start with. He just needs you to take the step!

Written by Bethany Curee, God’s Daughter – Freckled & Free


5 thoughts on “BLOG GLORY

  1. Jessica whitaker says:

    What a precious and sweet thing you’ve started with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ! I’m excited to see all that God has in-store for you on this blog! I can’t wait to read more☺️💖


  2. Shawna says:

    This is so exciting, Beth! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I love writers that write exactly how they sound, and you do! I could hear you just like we were having a conversation ❤️ Can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Roxann Correll says:

    Excited for the times to come to your family! May you all experience raucous joy, sweet provision, overwhelming peace, and tangible Glory!


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